PostPump 2.0 Hides A Floor Pump In Bike Seat Post

Strapping one of those handheld pumps on your bike is always a smart thing.  Problem is remembering every time to carry it on the next bike trip, so you almost always either end up leaving it in the garage or losing it by virtue of being a mess.  The PostPump 2.0 seeks to solve that problem, providing you with a tire pump that’s built into your bike, so you neither leave it at home nor lose it again.

Made by BioLogic, it’s a tire pump built into a bicycle seat post.  That way, you’ll never leave home without it.  Unless, of course, you frequently ride without a seat post, in which case, I have no idea what your deal is.

In PostPump 2.0, the air-pumping mechanism is hidden inside the post, using its frame to act as the pump’s outer walls.  It works just like any regular bike post, too, fitting into 33.9 mm tubes and working with most any standard saddle.  When inflating your tires, just pull the seat post out and work it like a traditional floor pump, using the saddle as a handle.  It includes an adapter for use with both Presta and Schrader valves.

It only requires 40 strokes to reach 50 psi, allowing you to inflate tires almost twice as fast as most handheld pumps.  All that without having to mount an extra item in your frame that can be stolen if you forget to take it out when you park the bike at a street corner.

The BioLogic PostPump 2.0 is available now, priced at $39.99.

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