Power Heated H-Bomb Wetsuit Lets You Swim And Surf On Icy Waters


Some people like to hit the slopes on winter. For the few who’d rather be trawling in the cold, chilly waters, Rip Curl might have something to make the experience less suicidal. Called the H-Bomb, it’s the world’s first power-heated wetsuit, allowing you to enjoy the water even in extremely low temperatures.

Cold water surfing, anyone? According to the company, the unique wetsuit has the potential to change water sports and ocean exploration forever, making it practical to engage in water-based activities under conditions that used to make it impossible.


The H-Bomb keeps users warm using carbon-fiber coils stretched across the back panel, cushioned with a neoprene sponge for comfort and an even spread. A lithium-ion battery pack sits around the lower back, providing power to the heating elements that line the rear side. The heat-supplying equipment are strategically positioned so they can warm the body’s core, allowing blood to flow to the person’s various extremities.

How hot will it let you get? The battery-powered wetsuit sports two settings, low (50 to 55 degrees C) and high (60 to 65 degrees C). It uses no metal in the set-up, so there’s no danger of corrosion or a large electromagnetic field being generated. The batteries are amply protected too, so don’t worry about exploding like a bomb – even if the suit is called an H-Bomb.

Like the rest of Rip Curl’s wetsuit line, this power-heated variety uses state-of-the-art technology for the rest of its construction, including E3 neoprene material for the entire body, Fireskin lining, double aquaban seal and chest seal entry. If you’d rather swim than ski at all times throughout the year, it makes sense to get one for $475.

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