Power8 Workshop Gets You Eight Power Tools In One Box

Enjoy spending your weekends drilling, sawing and being an overall handyman?  Arm up with the Power8 Workshop, a literal workshop-in-a-box that gets you eight different handheld and benchtop power tools.

Designed for professional tradesmen and DIY handymen alike, the portable system allows you to get your work done anywhere you please.  That means, no need to turn the basement into your permanent spot in the house – you can take your carpentry skills out into the yard, in the kitchen or in the back of your pickup truck (unless the wife has something to say about it, of course).

Many of your power tool needs should be handily taken care of with the drill driver, circular saw, jigsaw and halogen flashlight, each of which can transform into a drill press, a table saw, a scroll saw and a table light, respectively.   All work without wires, drawing their juice from the interchangeable 18-volt Powerhandles (which also double as the grip for the handheld tools), the set’s rechargeable battery module.

Craftily designed, the stainless steel armored box is also meant to act as your table workstation, complete with a raised swivel mount (for setting up the table light, drill press and scroll saw) and a clipping area on the underside (for the table saw).  A one-hour fast charger is built right into the case – just put the Powerhandles on their designated area (there are two charging points) and plug in the case to replenish.

Aside from the power tools, the Power8 Workshop comes with a three-bubble spirit level, a protractor, a push stick, a table saw shield, a table clamp, a canvas bag and two accessory cases (with an assortment of bits, blades and screws).  It’s available for $339.99.
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