PowerFlask Charger: All Juice, No Booze

You’ve recently given up drinking.  And that Star Trek Flask you always carried around is now officially retired.  As a result, you now have one free pocket for holding whatever new gadget you decide to take around with you.  The PowerFlask should make for a great replacement.

Shaped like a regular flask, it should fit in wherever you normally squeeze in your drinking flask — backpocket, jacket pocket, backpack pouch and all those other holes.  Instead of holding drinks for your instant libations, though, it’s a gadget charger, ready to replenish your USB-charging devices any time the need comes up.

The PowerFlask is a portable charger packing a 13,000 mAh lithium-ion battery inside the erstwhile drinking flask frame.  It comes with two USB slots for charging your gadgets and one microUSB slot for recharging, along with two 30-pin iPhone cables, a USB to microUSB cable and a USB to dual micro-USB cable.   According to the product page, it should charge three gadgets (using the dual micro-USB cable for one port and a regular cable on the other port) at the same time with no problem, so you can plug in your phone, your other phone and the cute girl you met at the DMV’s phone while waiting in line.  And, yes, it can charge your iPad, too, apart from lighting the way in a pinch with two built-in flashlight LEDs on top.

Unless you return to your unsavory boozing habits and need that space for a flask of whiskey, the PowerFlask should end up a finding a place in your daily on-the-go stash with no problems.  It’s available now, priced at $89.95.

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