Your GoPro Can Record For 10 Straight Hours If You Mount It On The PowerPole


We’ve seen plenty of extension poles for mounting the GoPro. The PowerPole, however, does everything else one better by integrating a large battery into the pole, allowing it to charge your GoPro on the go, removing the need to switch to a fresh battery every couple of hours.

Armed with a 5,200 mAh battery, it adds the equivalent of 4.5 GoPro batteries onto your supply of juice, giving users an extra eight hours of recording time all on its own. Whether you’re recording a kayaking session on the water, taking laps on a go-kart in a track, or just taking selfies with a GoPro while riding a unicycle for no reason whatsoever, just find a way to mount the pole onto your gear and capture near half a day’s worth of video without swapping batteries at any point in time.


Made by Polar Pro, the PowerPole is extendable from 17 to 30 inches, giving you plenty of options in angles and applications. Construction is high-grade aluminum from tip to tip, so it’s both lightweight at 13 ounces and tough enough to survive most accidents in the thick of the action. It comes with a mount that can swivel at a 90-degree angle (for recording at the exact positions you like), a durable silicone grip for comfortable handling, and two USB slots for charging phones and other gadgets from the onboard battery. It’s splash-proof, so you can get the pole wet with no danger of damaging the battery, although it’s not waterproof, so submerging in water is not an option.


Available now, the PowerPole retails for $99.99

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