Forget The Flashlight, Use The Powershell To Illuminate Your DIY Home Repairs

Sure, a simple flashlight can do a lot of good when doing repair work around the house.  If you want proper illumination on a job site, though, a dedicated work light is something you can’t afford to do without.  And while there’s no shortage of products in that category, you may want to consider picking up the Quirky Powershell.

A handy, portable work light, it delivers 800 lumens of brightness delivered in a broad beam, so you can shine light in a greater part of the work area than a regular flashlight will allow.  Whether you’re patching up holes in the attic, fixing pipes on the basement, or working on the car in the garage, this thing should provide the necessary illumination to let you finish a job.

Designed for portability, the Powershell sports a flat shape that measures 9 x 13 x 2 inches, with a handle on top that makes it convenient to carry by hand or even clip to a toolbox.  An integrated clamshell case protects the lighting panel during transport and doubles as a stand if you want to set it down on a flat surface when performing your repairs, while the handle can also serve as a hook if hanging it will provide a better lighting angle.

Apart from providing light, it also doubles as a power extension, with three available outlets for plugging in your Black & Decker Matrix and other power tools.  It comes with an 8-foot power cord that can wrap around an integrated facility in the back when not in use.

Available now, the Quirky Powershell retails for $59.99.

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