PowerSnorkel Lets You Snorkel At 40 Feet Deep

Snorkeling is fun.  But it leaves you stuck by the surface, wishing you can get further down below where all the Mega Sharks roam.  Now you can with the PowerSnorkel, a free-floating hookah that lets you dive up to 39.6 feet without needing to strap a heavy oxygen tank on your back.

Created by Power Dive, the rig is, basically, a floating oxygen pump constantly feeding you air through a hose.  Instead of having to stay on the surface in order to breathe as with normal snorkeling, you can get deep into the water sans  all that fancy scuba gear (not to mention, all the training that scuba diving involves).

The PowerSnorkel consists of a motorized pump encased in a floating surround, a floating air tank and three 20-foot hoses for air to travel right to your regulator.  It can be used to dive solo up to 39.6 feet deep (with all three hoses strung together) or with a buddy up to 19.8 feet (the first hose splits into two hoses below).

On a full charge, the onboard battery can power the pump for up to 70 minutes, allowing you to play in moderately deep waters for well over an hour.  Just make sure to swim back up once you feel that air thinning and cover your ears when you hear a mermaid singing.  No, really, I’ve heard stories.

Oh yeah, the main floating component comes with a flag, so it will be easy to spot in the water.  That way, people will know exactly where the mermaid managed to snag you if you don’t come back at the end of the day.  The PowerSnorkel is available now, priced at $2,495.

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