PowerSpurz Are Visibility Lights For Nighttime Runners

While nighttime joggers aren’t quite in the same level of danger as nighttime cyclists, there are still some situations where you will want to be easily seen. Like when you’re crossing an intersection, running on a sidewalk infested with rowdy skateboard kids, or decide to run on a badly-lit bike path because you like living on the edge. Or something like that. Whichever of those situations you find yourself in, these PowerSpurz will keep you easily visible during walks and runs.

A slide-on pair of heel lights, it will clip itself right on the heel of your shoes, so your feet light up for visibility throughout the course of a run. If you’re into dressing up in crazy costumes during races (if you’re not going to win, might as well have fun), it can also make a great addition to any wardrobe you put together.

While it’s designed to clip tightly onto the heels, PowerSpurz can slip on and off easily, making it very convenient to use with any type of shoe. It’s lightweight, too, so it shouldn’t impede your movements in any way whatsoever. The device emits a diffused bright orange LED light that makes it very visible in the dark, with weatherproof construction that makes it usable even when running through puddles and wet weather.

It comes with two settings, continuous and pulse, which you can switch between from an integrated button. In the former, the onboard battery can last it up to 70 hours; in the latter, it can do up to 100.

PowerSpurz is available now, priced at $19.95.

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