PowerSquid Surge1000 Cleans Up Your Cabling Mess Using Tentacles


While octopus connections usually refer to messy and complicated home wiring, the PowerSquid Surge1000 actually helps clean up your electrical cabling, providing multiple flexible outlets that can handle the bulkiest of plugs. Instead of a single powerstrip that makes headroom a precious commodity, you can simply arrange the device’s tentacled slots into the most convenient position you can find.

Sporting a form factor that looks like last night’s calamari dinner, it manages to be attractive without crossing the line into being cartoonish. In fact, it looks highly professional – something I never imagined ever saying about anything that looks like a sea creature with flailing arms.

More than a mere extension outlet, though, the Surge1000 is a full-featured surge protector that will keep your plugged equipment (up to five at a time) safe from electrical spikes for up to 1080 Joules. Features include complete connectivity protection for data lines (DSL, cable), 330V clamping, 40dB EMI/RFI power filtering, tripwire circuit, rugged ABS casing and a 15-amp breaker. It comes with a $200,000 warranty for your connected electronics, while the unit itself has lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Plenty of people buy these “squids” at first for the tentacled cuteness, but end up getting a couple more for the convenience and reliability they manage to provide. If you’ve been on the hunt for a good multi-outlet surge protector with personable looks and flexible capabilities, there are really few units out there that bundle those benefits as well as PowerSquid’s.

The PowerSquid Surge1000 is currently available directly from the manufacturer’s site for $49.95.

Use the link below to receive free shipping for orders over $50  at PowerSquid.