PowerTrekk, A Portable Battery Pack With Fuel Cell Talents

Looking for a cooler way to charge your gadgets when you go off the grid?  You might want to ditch the solar chargers and rechargeable batteries for this: the PowerTrekk.

Developed by Swedish company myFC, the device looks like a random weird plastic container at first glance.  A rechargeable 1600 mAh battery module sits inside, though, allowing you to plug in your mobile devices via USB (just like regular battery packs), so you can spend your weekends in the wild without having to abstain from your Angry Birds addiction.

More importantly, though, the PowerTrekk is also a fuel cell charger using Signa Chemistry’s Mobile-H2 technology.  Just stick a fuel cell cartridge (PowerPukk) onto the thing, add a teaspoon of water and the contraption will convert it into usable electricity all on its own.  Each cartridge is only good for topping up a single smartphone, though, so you’ll need to carry a slew of them if you’ll be outdoors and off the grid for an extended period.

Unlike batteries that can drain over time, the fuel cells will retain their full capacity until used — making them a more reliable power source for those times you spend outdoors.  The device itself measures a compact 2.59 x 5.00 x 1.65 inches, allowing you to easily cram it into your camping stash.   A full load of indicators outside let you know the various status of both the battery and the fuel cell.

The PowerTrekk is scheduled to ship internationally starting October at an estimated price of $200 for the main charger and an undisclosed price for the fuel cell cartridges.    It’s currently on display at Mobile World Congress 2011.

[PowerTrekk via Uncrate]