PQtier Is A Toilet Paper Rack Disguised As A Tree


Stocking up on toilet paper in the bathroom is always a good idea.  You never know when you’re going to need a few more sheets than what’s left in the roll, after all (or worse, your children needed another part for their Toobalink creation and cleaned a roll out).   The PQtier offers an equally functional and decorative way to do just that.

Designed by Presse Citron, it’s a two-dimensional metal tree designed to mount up a bathroom wall.  The branches are sized to act as pegs where you can hold a roll of toilet paper each.  With enough branches to accommodate up to 14 bathroom rolls at a time, it gives you an accessible place to keep your supply, saving you from having to walk over to the supply cabinet to get a fresh set.

The PQtier is made from lacquered steel and measures 70 x 130 xm (w x h).  While designed for use to hold toilet papers right next to your bowl, it can also be used to hang towels, robes and whatever other items of clothing you bring into the bathroom.  Plus, if it fits in with your living room or bedroom decor, it should make nice for a wall-mounted coat rack, too.  And when Christmas comes around, you can probably save yourself the hassle of getting a tree — just decorate it with colored balls and blinking lights and a Justin Beiber star on top.  Or something like that.

The sucky part?  The PQtier costs a rather rich $180.  If you’re not quite up to shelling out that much, we’re guessing you can do this as a weekend project with some wood or metal if you’re up to the task.  Of course, you’ll probably end up shelling out the same amount in work, time and resources, but it could be fun.

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