Prada’s Mary Jane Boots Give You Fake Legs

You want to wear boots today.  Or maybe you want 60s-style Mary Janes.  Ahh… decisions… who needs them? Well, you won’t need to decide because you can wear both with Prada’s new Mary Jane Boots, knee-high footwear that look like good ol’ Mary Jane strap shoes.

A playful take on the classic footwear, the boots actually look like a real pair of Mary Jane strap-ons sewn into a long swath of leather to cover up the legs.  The effect is cute, weird and amusing at the same time — a definite piece for girls who like slightly eccentric fashion.

The Prada Mary Jane Boots uses red and nude leather — the former to create the illusion of a shoe and the latter to simulate the appearance of skin.  The result, at least on the model for the photo, looks more like she’s wearing high socks (instead of bare skin) with red Mary Janes, which is just as awesome.

Like classic Mary Janes, the boots have thick block heels that measure 3.5 inches high and square toes.  It has an oversized silver button accent at the front strap, giving it a retro feel.  If you’re wondering where the zippers are, they’re on the inside leg to make them a bit less conspicuous (obvious zip fastenings kind of dampen the effect).

Just in case you’re interested in such things, the Prada Mary Jane Boots are part of the Runway to Green initiative, which donates part of the profits for each sale to various environmental organizations.  It’s available now, priced at $1,500.

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