Yay, You Can Now Buy Pre-Fab Room-Sized Geodesic Domes For The Backyard

Sure, you can build any regular structure to use as a greenhouse in the backyard or a giant cage for your army of pet parrots. But why settle for the same boring forms when you can get one of these pre-fab Geodesic Domes?

Made by Sunrise Domes, the domes take on fancy geodesic shapes that makes them ideal outdoor structures to put up in places that are frequented by wind and snow, apart from using 25% less materials to enclose the space compared to traditional shapes. They look positively worthy of scenes straight out of a sci-fi movie, too, so these should make for quite the conversation piece when people come over.

Sunrise’s Geodesic Domes use frames made from 0.75-inch galvanized steel tubing that are connected with galvanized steel nuts and bolts. Each one comes with multiple soil anchors for staking the units onto the ground, as well as multiple options for flooring (including none if you prefer to have the backyard soil underneath), doors, windows, and dome covers, depending on your needs. It can be made in a variety of sizes (they accept custom orders), so you can have units made for everything from chicken coops to saunas to¬†backyard office pods.

The domes are shipped in kit form, with complete instructions for assembly included in the set, so you should be able to take them down and move them elsewhere without much trouble if the need comes up. No word on how long it will take to assemble each of these things, but we’re guessing you’ll need to free up a weekend, just to be sure.

The Geodesic Domes are available from Etsy, with prices depending on size and materials. For reference, a large 16-foot dome with avian netting and no flooring retails for $1,749.

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