Helmet Predator 2 Turns You Into An Alien Sport Hunter


I’m somewhat disappointed that the Helmet Predator 2 isn’t actually DOT certified.  I mean, imagine this novelty headgear paired with your Dark Knight or Wolverine motorcycle suit while you streak down the highway.  Plenty wild, right?  Of course, you can always still put it on, ride your bike, and just behead any cop that gives you beef about the helmet.  I’m sure nothing wrong will happen after that.

Made by Russian outfit NLO Moto, it’s a costume replica of Predator headwear that’s based on a certified IXS motorcycle helmet, so it can actually offer your noggin some protection.  It comes complete with alien dreads, so you can look just as menacing as those gnarly alien hunters who devote their existence to executing living species for sport.

The Helmet Predator 2 is constructed from a combo of fiberglass, carbon fiber and polycarbonate, so it’s a proper hard helmet that can protect you when battling puny humans and vicious aliens of any species.  It comes with a removable visor, as well as three bright LEDs installed at eye level that’s powered by a pair of AAA batteries that install right on the helmet.

While the stock helmet is awesome, the real fun starts at the optional upgrades.  Offerings include a laser beam (to make it look like you’re aiming at your next victim), a smoke faceshield, graphics (there’s a standard package of scars, engraving and symbols, as well as a more elaborate airbrush design), spearheads on the dreadlocks, canines (yep, they’ll put scary fangs on the mouth area), and an all-carbon fiber shell.

Want one?  The Helmet Predator 2 is available now, with prices starting at $780.

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