Prepdeck Levels Up The Cutting Board Into An All-In-One Food Prep Station


Anyone who does any cooking knows that food prep makes up a huge portion of the work. All that chopping, slicing, and dicing just doesn’t happen on its own. That’s what makes the chopping board such an essential part of every kitchen. The Prepdeck takes the cutting board to a whole new level.

Billed as a “meal prep station,” it combines a cutting board with a modular storage system, giving you a place to keep all the bulbs, herbs, spices, and other smaller ingredients that you frequently use when cooking. That way, you can easily organize everything you’re cutting, dicing, and mincing, all neatly stored in separate compartments right in the same space.


When collapsed, the Prepdeck takes the form of a rectangular box that measures 21.4 x 6.2 x 6 inches (width x height x depth), which you can push to the back of the kitchen counter right against the wall. Lift up and fold out the exterior shell to turn it into a functional cutting board that measures 21.4 x 12.6 inches (width x length), giving you a generous amount of food-safe plastic surface to perform all your kitchen cutting tasks. The cutting board is detachable, too, so you can wash it on its own or take it to the dining table if you want to do your food prep there.

It comes with five large containers, two medium containers, and two small containers that you can use to hold various sliced food items, as well as six small cylindrical containers for minced and diced ingredients, with all containers built using see-through plastic. The large, medium, and small containers are all meant to go on the right side of the built-in shelf, while the cylindrical containers go on designated slots on the left side. As you can see, you can organize your food here in excruciating detail.


The Prepdeck comes with nine different tools that you can use for food preparation, namely a grater, a zester, a juicer, a garlic grater, a vegetable peeler, a julienne, a green stripper, and… uhm… a bottle opener.  Hey, you never know when you’re gonna need a beer. Most of them are designed to go on top of the containers, so all the stuff that’s grated, zested, and juiced go directly into the their chambers. All the tools are designed to store on a drawer that pulls out on the left end of the box.


A large hole on the bottom right gives you access to another drawer that pulls out of the right side. This drawer is designed to hold discards, so you can easily collect all food prep throwaways in one place and take them out for dumping in the trash. All parts of the contraption are made from BPA-free plastic that’s food-safe and dishwasher-safe, while the bundled containers are all smell-resistant, freezer-safe, and microwavable, so you can use them for much more than food prep. Seriously, this thing sounds amazing.

Originally a crowdfunded product, the Prepdeck is available now.

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