Presso Lets You Make Espresso Shots In The Wild

Confident you can survive the Armageddon, save for the fact that you can’t live without espresso?  Since Starbucks will probably come down along with the rest of civilization, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.  Really, really serious.  Our suggestion?  Hoard sacks upon sacks of ground espresso in your basement, learn to start fire (so you can boil water) and get yourself a Presso machine.

Since the electric grid will likely go offline during the end-of-times, those expensive and convenient espresso makers will be nothing but useless junk.   The Presso, on the other hand, works by using physical pressure, requiring no electricity to operate.  As such, you can sit inside your bunker, sipping on a concentrated coffee beverage, while the rest of the world try to survive while subsisting on substandard cups of java.  Hah.

Made from hand-polished aluminum, the manual espresso machine is small enough to make space both in your travelling luggage and a spare area on a tabletop somewhere in your kitchen.   To operate, all you need is hot water, ground espresso and some elbow grease for raising the arms of the machine, then pressing it downwards (5 to 10 P.S.I. of pressure required).  Just follow the simple, manual instructions and you’ll have your coffee without plugging into any wall outlet.

Each box comes with the machine, a milk frother, a chrome portafiler, a two-cup adapter (so you can have a guest over) and a coffee scoop.  Since it’s portable, you can carry it just about anywhere – very useful if your current accommodations become overwhelmed with zombies, apocalypse bandits and mutants.  Just make sure to haul your stash of ground espresso too.

The Presso is available from the Presso USA website for $150.

[Presso via UrbanDaddy]