Preston Duffel Bag Lets You Keep Suits Unwrinkled And Freshly-Pressed


Do you find yourself frequently carrying a suit around that you’ll need to keep freshly-pressed for use later in the day? Well, you can walk around with a garment bag on one hand or go about your day in a more casual way using the Preston. Yeah, it’s not even a tough choice.

Made by the Impressed Bag Co, it’s a duffel bag with an accompanying garment bag that wraps around the outside for easy transport. That way, you get all the convenience of a shoulder-strapped duffel, all while being able to bring along a nice suit and keep it wrinkle-free.


Measuring 11 x 20 x 9.5 inches (h x w x d), the Preston is sized just right, whether for a carry-on during a flight, a stop at the gym early in the morning, or a work bag for daily use.   Use the garment bag to hold a suit, then stuff everything else into the duffel, which can comfortably hold clothes, shoes, and laptops up to 13 inches. A set of built-in magnets and a buckle closure allows the garment bag to wrap around the duffel quickly and securely, ensuring the ensemble can be set up neatly in seconds. Construction is 1680D ballistic nylon for the duffel exterior, 1.9-oz ripstop nylon inside, and leather for the base, with the garment bag cut in Italian leather on the outside and the same friction-minimizing ripstop nylon underneath.


Slated to ship in August, the Preston is currently on pre-order, priced at $350.

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