Pretty Water Makes For Romantic Dish Washing

led-faucet-light1There is no real good reason to have these in your home other than they just look really cool but attach this LED faucet light to your faucet and you will have amazing colors flowing through your ordinary bathroom sink.

The water flowing through the attachment will turn on the LED lights and will light up the water as it flows beneath.  The lights can be a steady blue, or you can choose the LED lights that change color when the temperature of the water changes.  When the water gets to a certain temperature your water will turn red.  This is a great gadget for the kids bathroom, or just for when you get up in the middle of the night.

The lights come with batteries already installed and an extra set so you don’t have to be without your faucet lights.  Light up the bathroom or kitchen faucet.  They really are stunning and the kids (and adults) will just love them.  The blue is quite beautiful in a darkened room.

If there is someone on your gift list that would appreciate the beauty and cool factor of these LED faucet lights, you can pick up a set of lights for a very reasonable amount of money.  In fact, the price is so low, you could pick up a set for every faucet in your house.  Even the changing color lights are very inexpensive and they make a unique gift for anyone on your gift list.  Guaranteed there won’t be another cool gift like it.