These Site:1 Speakers Come With A Facility For Easily Adding New Wireless Protocols


The real problem with paying a lot of money for Bluetooth speakers? When Bluetooth is eventually replaced by a more efficient standard, it means your investment is likely to become useless, too. That’s just the world we live in right now. Princeton Audio’s Site:1 speaker, however, uses an ingenious solution to future-proof itself from that kind of obsolescence by integrating a facility for upgrading the hardware without opening the cabinet.

To handle updates, the speakers use a patent-pending interface that lets users plug in modules that house whatever chip or radio is required to handle a new communication protocol. That means, if audio sources adopt a new wireless system, you simply buy a module for that from the outfit, slot it into your speakers, and you’re good.


The Princeton Audio Site:1 is a compact Bluetooth speaker measuring 7.4 x 7.6 x 7.5 inches in a triangular prism shape that, according to the outfit, optimizes sound much better than traditional rectangular cabinets. It boasts a 20-watt class D amplifier, onboard DSP with a 28-bit processing core, and three full-range transducers, along with a battery that’s good for around 40 hours of playback.


While designed to function as a standalone speaker, it can also be paired with a second unit for stereo playback, as well as integrated into an existing multi-channel system as the rear units. Features include a solid tonewood cabinet, aluminum grill cover and dial, and individually-handcrafted construction.

Available now, the Princeton Audio Site:1 is priced at $459.99.

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