Printed City Sights Turns Any Picture Into A Pillow

Pillows come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Like literally, we’ve seen boombox pillows, nunchuck pillows¬†and even booty pillows¬†among a whole host of them. If the massive selection already out there doesn’t float your boat however, you may want to place an order with In the Seam’s Printed City Sights, a custom pillow service that will turn any picture you send into a soft, fluffy cloth bag you can hug while curling up in bed.

Want to rest your back on your beloved Mustang while you play Assassin’s Creed 4? Take a picture of the darn thing and order it in pillow form. How about a memorable building around town, your favorite food truck, or that awesome wall graffiti you saw downtown last week? Yep, just get a picture and send them in.

To order, simply upload a photo of the image (at least 2MB for good quality) you want to Printed City Sights and wait while they make a mock up of how the pillow will appear. They’ll send you the mock up and, if you approve it, the entire thing will be printed on a fine art canvas, which will then be hand-stuffed and sewn onto a cotton-twill fabric. Boom, your new custom pillow is ready.

Average sizes of pillows they supply is 16 x 10 x 4 inches, although you can try ordering something bigger or smaller. Keep it reasonable, though — asking for a lifesize version of the 21-story office building you work at probably won’t fly.

Pricing for Printed City Sights Custom Pillows start at $65.

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