Privacy Pillow Has A Secret Compartment For Keeping Your Valuables Close When You Sleep

It never hurts to have a secret hiding place inside the house.  Whether for securing valuables, home defense items, or objects you’d rather die than have anyone find out you own, it’s bound to come in handy.  The Privacy Pillow is a hassle-free way of having that secret space in a totally inconspicuous place.

An erstwhile normal-looking pillow, it actually comes with a secret compartment where you can discreetly stash any item you want to keep out of sight.  Like your most prized jewelry, your triple-barrel self-defense revolver, or that stack of cash you’ve been putting away in case your fears about the banks collapsing overnight finally comes to fruition.  Or something similarly paranoid.

The Privacy Pillow features a patented leather compartment accessible via  a hidden entry point, with a snap-on clasp that protects your items from spilling out despite excessive movement.  To keep things comfortable to lay your head on, the pillow uses a custom-rolled poly fill that ensures you aren’t inconvenienced by the items you’ve squared away.   The pillow is covered in a washable cotton finish exterior that also helps retain its shape over time.

Not only does a “pillow safe” keep things within easy reach when you’re in bed, it keeps valuables out of sight when you’re out of the house, too.  Since they look and feel like regular pillows, would-be thieves might not even bother checking.  Unless they lift the pillow and feel the heft of the gold bar you hid inside, that is.  Yeah, a Floor Safe might still be safer for stashing your hidden gold bars, after all.

Available now, the Privacy Pillow retails for $29.95.

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