This Mini-Tent Lets You Camp Out On Any Desk For Quick Naps In The Office


As far as making naps on tables as comfortable as possible, nothing beats the squishy privacy afforded by the Ostrich Pillow. If you have a favorite pillow that you prefer to use when you lay down your head, though, we have a feeling the Nap Tent just might serve you better.

Designed by the same folks behind the Privacy Pop tent, the contraption is, basically, a tiny tent that you can use as a private space when napping on your desk, a table at the pantry, or the coffee table in the lounge. Just place your favorite pillow inside, put your head inside the tent, and enjoy a nap while shutting out all ambient noise and light.


The Nap Tent, basically, looks like a smaller version of the Privacy Pop, putting a tent-like structure on your desk where you can hide away from the hustle and bustle of the world. When not in use, the darn thing looks like it will make a functional bedroom for your cat – just lay it down on the floor somewhere, throw a small pillow in there, and we have a feeling your furry friend will find his way in it at some point during the day.

All sides of the mini-tent are completely opaque to block out as much sound and light as possible, although out front, it comes with a black drape that you can lift up to access the inside compartment. That drape, by the way, is long enough to cover your shoulders and about half of your back, allowing it to further block off light and other potential distractions. Aside from being a perfect place to nap, the mini-tent can also serve as a private room when you want to watch a movie on your phone without getting distracted by your roommates or when you simply want a quiet place to calm yourself in the middle of a stressful day.


When pitched, the Nap Tent measures 19 x 25 x 17 inches (depth x width x height), with 4.5 cubic feet of room inside, which should be enough to accommodate your head and a fluffy pillow. You can even place both your arms inside if you prefer sleeping in a position that requires it. The whole thing, by the way, can pack into an inch-thick disc-shaped bag measuring 13 inches in diameter, which should be small enough to fit inside most bags for bringing to the office, as well as stashing inside your desk drawer.


While obviously perfect for taking naps right in your cubicle at the office, the fact that it doesn’t disguise what you’re doing (if your head’s buried there, you’re probably sleeping) will definitely get your superior’s attention, so unless your workplace is fine with employees taking naps during work hours, good luck with that. On the plus side, the all-black color makes it quite low-key, so you can pitch it on the desk without drawing a whole lot of attention.

Want one? The Privacy Pop Nap Tent is priced at $54.99.

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