Wrap This Bag On The Boot Of Your Car To Keep It Clean When Transporting Cargo


You wear gloves when loading dirty cargo inside the car, but leave your vehicle’s interior at the mercy of that same load. Sure, a tarp will keep the floors from filling up with dust and debris, but what about everywhere else? The Pro-Idee Car Transportation Bag offers a more inclusive alternative.

A large bag designed to cover the entire boot of a car, it lets you seal off the entire section, ensuring not a single speck of deck from whatever cargo you’re hauling ends up left behind in the vehicle. Whether you’re carrying construction supplies for minor renovations at home, old furniture you’re planning to leave at a storage facility, or a Christmas tree since it’s that time of the year once more, this thing lets you transport your gear without leaving the car an absolute mess.


The Pro-Idee Car Transportation Bag is made from a strong plastic tarpaulin material that measures 65 x 45.3 x 27.6 inches, allowing it to cover up to 45.9 cubic feet of room. To set up, simply tuck the straps on the side doors, spread the bottom section over the bumper, and secure the hooking straps on the chassis, then fix the top and sides to the boot frame using clamps to keep everything in place. It’s compatible with most any model of SUV or station wagon, with a reusable design that allows you to simply hose down the tarp after use.


Available now, the Pro-Idee Car Transportation Bag is priced at £43.95.

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