Project 54 CX, Wave Sport’s Limited-Edition Luxury Kayak


Some claim the Wave Sport Project 54 CX to be the “kayak equivalent of a high performance supercar.”  I wouldn’t go that far.  You can paddle in its ultra-light carbon fiber body all you want, but I bet I’ll still be leaving you silly with my jet-propelled kayak.  Maybe I’ll pass by you gentler if you call it a “luxury car equivalent” instead –  gorgeous and decadent, without managing to tear through the highway.

Developed to push the envelope in kayak design, it just might be the niftiest freestyle kayaking boat ever built.  Weighing an unbelievable 20 lbs, Wave Sport is touting it to deliver “ultimate playboat high performance,” and there’s no seeming reason to deny it.

Just look at the thing.  It looks like a lean, mean leisure canoe that’s ready to fly through the water.  With the untaxing weight, it’s likely to make every paddle stroke feel like you’ve got five other people rowing for you.  According to Wave Sport, that’s exactly how it performs, with the same effortless execution translating when you’re maneuvering through waves, holes and rapid water.

Features include a carbon kevlar hull (that’s why it’s so light), carbon fiberglass seats and leg lifter, comfortable thigh brace and hip pads and an adjustable backband.  The Wave Sport Project 54 CX can only carry up to 200 lbs, so better lose some weight before hitting the rapids.  It’s a limited edition, with only 50 to be sold for $2,500 each.

[Wave Sport via Acquire]