Proteus Helmet Folds For Storing In A Bag

Helmets are a constant companion for any motorcyclist.  Leaving them on your parked bike makes them easy prey for thieves, so you haul the bulky protective headgear around everywhere you go.  And, no, wearing one on your head while you’re walking in the park isn’t cool, so you grab it with your arm and carry it like an oversized clutch bag.

The Proteus Helmet looks to alleviate the general inconvenience of hauling a helmet around by making it foldable when not in use.  Do note that “foldable” in this case means that various parts of the helmet pushes up the upper shell, creating a 20% volume reduction.

While 20% may not sound much, it is when you consider just how much space a helmet takes.  When folded, it can easily squeeze into most backpacks (like this one, but probably not this one), affording you a more convenient way to carry your erstwhile cumbersome head armor.

To achieve the reduced size, the helmet has been divided into four sections, held together by latches.  During folding, the rear, left and right shell pieces all close down into the main top shell, creating the more portable compact form.  And just in case not breaking your head during an accident is important, too, it comes with three layers of noggin protection: a polycarbonate resin outer, a polystyrene foam center and a pliable shock-absorbing material that hardens during impact.

Designed by 25-year-old Australian Jessica Dunn, the Proteus Helmet is one of the finalists for this year’s James Dyson Award.

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