Protex Lifto-1414 Floor Safe Hides Valuables James Bond Style

After 10 years of hard work, you’ve finally created the most potent doomsday device known to man.   Your plan for World domination is on track. In the meantime, you need to hide that contraption in a secret place.  Maybe the Protex Lifto-1414 Auto-Lift Floor Safe will do good?

Sure, you can install a wall safe obscured behind an overpriced painting you stole off the New York Museum, but that’s too cliché for such a dapper supervillain such as yourself.   A safe hidden under the floor that can rise up automatically, on the other hand, probably fits right in with your slick James Bond supervillain style.

To use the Protex Lifto-1414, simply open the hidden door on the floor of your supervillain headquarters and punch in the combination code.  Once that’s done, the safe will automatically unlock and rise up, giving you immediate access to your hidden stash  from the side.  The velvet-lined upright interior can be arranged in multiple shelves, too, so it’s like a secret cabinet that pops out off the ground.  It measures 9.25 x 13.5 x 11 inches.

The actual safe is held secure by a pair of motorized chrome locking bolts measuring 0.75 inches in diameter.  Construction is half-inch thick solid steel, with a half-inch thick fireboard ready to protect it from fire and built-in LED lights so you can retrieve your stacks of cash in the dark.  For security purposes, it needs to be installed within concrete floors.

The Protex Lifto-1414 Auto-Lift Floor Safe is available from Amazon, priced at $849.

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