Prynt Pocket: This iPhone Camera Grip Doubles As An Instant Printer


Remember when Prynt Pocket tried to sell itself as a photo-printing smartphone case? Yeah, there was no way anyone would use something as bulky as a case. For the latest iteration of their product, the outfit is abandoning the whole “case” functionality and billing it as a compact printer for the iPhone instead. And, yes, we prefer it that way, too.

Like the original device, the printer attaches to the bottom half of your iPhone while you shoot pictures, so you can instantly print a photograph you like at any time. Unlike it, the device is now smaller and more compact (seriously, it’s almost half the size), making it a whole lot easier to use as a grip, although it’s still not quite small enough to be comfortable inside a jeans pocket.


The Prynt Pocket works much like the original Prynt – you simply dock your phone on the case and wait for the companion app to launch. From there, you can instantly print any photo from your camera roll and social networks, as well as print any photo you shoot right after you take them. The app, by the way, comes with built-in filters that you can apply right before printing to give your pictures some extra flair. It also uses the same ZINK photo paper as before, which comes with a back layer that you can peel to use the photo as a sticker. And, yes, it should work with any iPhone that has a Lightning port.


Available in light gray, graphite, and mint green, the Prynt Pocket is priced at $149.99.

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