Dock Your Phone On The Prynt And Turn It Into A Modern Polaroid Camera


Mobile photo printers that recreate the Polaroid experience for the digital generation work well enough. You take a photo on your phone, pair it with the printer over Bluetooth, and get a print of the 34th selfie you have taken for the day. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Prynt seems to think their solution mimics the Polaroid experience so much better.

Rather than a separate printer, it takes the form of an oversized smartphone case. That way, your camera and photo printing machine are in a single, unified form, no different from the Polaroids people used to take the… uhm… photos they’d rather not bring to the film store to have developed.


To use Prynt, simply dock your phone on the case and the accompanying app automatically launches. Take your picture, swipe to print, and it spits out a small photograph that measures 2 x 3 inches. It uses the same inkless ZINK paper that many mobile photo printers use, by the way, so it’s the same quality as existing solutions in the market.   Measuring 3.15 x 5.04 x 1.18 inches (h x l x d), it’s a bit unwieldy, making your rig look like an older point-and-shoot camera. It just weighs half a pound, though, so it shouldn’t be much trouble to use even on an extended basis. They offer multiple phone adapters, too, so you can simply swap them in when changing phones.


Oh yeah, it does one cool trick: rather than simply snap a photo, the Prynt app actually takes a short video that is then stored in the cloud for later use. You can then launch the app, hold your phone over a previous print, and the app will automatically launch the matching video, making it look like the photo is coming to life.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Prynt. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $129.

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