Mix Your Drinks Like A Mad Scientist With The Periodic Tableware Cocktail Shaker Set


Even mad scientists make tasty cocktails after a long, tiring day. And while they can make their rob roys, martinis, and cosmopolitans using any cocktail shaker, the Periodic Tableware Cocktail Shaker looks like it will fit in better in a facility where mad science is celebrated.

Designed to look like lab equipment, the cocktail shaker comes with a narrow neck and a tapered body, making it look like a standard-issue Erlenmeyer Flask. Except, instead of being used for mixing and heating dangerous compounds mad scientists will use to wage chemical warfare, they’re designed for putting together delicious cocktails, so you can get drunk in the lab while using equipment that doesn’t look the least bit out of place.


Aside from the shaker, the Periodic Tableware Cocktail Shaker Set includes a pair of beakers that you can use as cocktail glasses and a pair of small flasks for serving shots. Each item in the set comes printed with measurement indicators, making them look even more like a lab tool, ensuring your whole drinking ensemble looks positively fit for a mad genius lair. It comes with a removable stopper on top, one serving spout for cocktails (on the stopper), a second serving spout for shots (on the neck), and a stirring rod attached to the stopper.


Available now, the Periodic Tableware Cocktail Shaker Set is priced at $69.99.

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