PUC Lets You Connect Any MIDI Controller Wirelessly To iOS Devices

Hooking up your MIDI devices to an iPhone makes it easy to play music on the road.  The mass of wires you will have to deal, however, makes it just as much of a mess as when you’re playing at home.  The PUC can save you from the hassle.

Created by the same guys behind the Jamstik, it’s a wireless MIDI interface that hooks up to your MIDI keytar, DJ controller, or Bliptronics Synthesizer to give the instrument the ability to wirelessly connect to your iOS devices.  That way, you don’t need to deal with long wires hanging all over the place, whether you’re making music at home, hanging out at the beach, or chilling on the school grounds with your friends.

Once tethered to the PUC, your MIDI instrument can immediately connect with iPhones and iPads, where they are identified as a regular MIDI device, allowing you to use them to control mobile music apps with no additional fuss.  While designed for iOS devices, the device can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi, as well as with Macs by automatically converting legacy MIDI signals to CoreMIDI.  Despite doing transmissions untethered, the device boasts a low-latency system that allows it to send signals at speeds equivalent to those of wired connections.

Shaped like a puck, PUC is small enough to fit in a pants pocket, so you can carry one around on the left pocket while your phone is crammed on the other.  That way, you’re duly equipped to bust out a tune any time you feel an inkling to impress the ladies with your mad musical skills and wire-free aesthetics.

The PUC is available now for $129.99.

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