Pull On Snow Shorts Let You Slide Down Slopes With No Sled


Why carry a sled when you can just scoot down the snow slope on your ass?  Because hauling your butt on ice and rocks will probably hurt, that’s why.  With the Pull On Snow Shorts, however, it doesn’t have to.

Essentially a wearable sled, simply slip it over your winter suit and you’ll be ready to slide down any snowy slope without having to bring anything else along.  You’re like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a shell helping glide you downhill – except the thing is attached to your posterior, of course.


The Pull On Snow Shorts is a pair of winter shorts with a foam-padded PVC seat fused to the rear end.  It features six “runners,” like in actual sleds, to help you steer your slide by simply adjusting your weight.  The seat is flexible and can stand up to -20 degrees Fahrenhiet.  Don’t be fooled by the photos – there’s a version for adults, too, so you can jump in with the kids and tumble to your demise (just kidding).

We know you’re counting the days till snow season, so why not be ready for it?  In the meantime, you should be able to use the shorts to make your farts sound louder (at least, I assume it will, considering that it runs into the seat directly every time).

The Pull On Snow Shorts is available for $35.  Do note that you can also make one yourself by gluing a sled (or the shell of a giant turtle) to your butt.  We don’t recommend either of those, however.

[Orvis ]