PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope Generates Power To Charge Your Gadgets While You Exercise

What night be the logical future evolution for fitness trackers and wearable gadgets? Onboard kinetic generators that convert our everyday movements into usable energy so they never need to be plugged into a power source again. That may be a long time coming, though, since the facility for power generation hasn’t quite shrunk down to fit in a wristband yet. At the moment, it’s actually more feasible to put kinetic generators in our actual exercise equipment, like the Siva Cycle Atom does for bicycles. The PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope is a similar implementation, integrating built-in generators to produce usable electricity every time you skip over a swinging rope.

Made by Uncharted Play, the erstwhile regular-looking jump rope can convert kinetic energy into usable power for gadgets and small appliances. Whether you’re doing 15-minute jump rope workouts, playing skipping rope games with your kids, or doing fancy rope tricks for your own amusement, all that work you’re doing doesn’t just result in loads of sweat and caloric burn — it can replenish your batteries with small trickles, too.

The PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope uses dynamos built into each handle, which are then hooked up to a rechargeable battery which stores any generated electricity. There aren’t details on how much power you produce with every swing of the rope, although we’d assume it isn’t very much. Still, a little side benefit is better than nothing.

For now, PULSE is getting a limited edition beta run, with only 100 units being sold. Each one will feature 3D-printed handles, with a design intended to maximize energy production. Price is $129.

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