Puma Chalk Brings Trash-Writing To Your Ping Pong Game

Trash-talking is awesome. Even in table tennis. Unless you’re playing against a Chinese dude who doesn’t speak a lick of English. That’s why the Puma Chalk ping-pong table gives you a chalkboard top to play on – so you can relay in doodles all those wonderful insults you just can’t express in words.

Created by design studio Aruliden, the new playing table uses a ceramic chalk surface that makes writing and erasing chalk marks easy. Whether you want to rile your Chinese opponent using your rendition of extremely small Asian male appendages or motivate yourself with a winning Tony Robbins-style slogan, all you have to do is put chalk to the table and get doodling. No having to worry about cleaning up later – a quick wipe with a cloth should leave it as clean as before.

Each Puma Chalk table is handmade, featuring updates that peg it as a major step-up from crude plywood tops that you normally settle playing on. Aside from the ceramic top, it gets ash wood legs, steel chain net and a spacious compartment to hold your playing gear, refreshments and endless supplies of colored chalk. I’d also keep a high-powered water gun in there, in case you’re a sore loser, so you can pretend to go postal after you lose a close match. Believe me, it gives great relief. Just don’t blame me if you get beat up in the process.

According to the Aruliden site, they designed it to bring back the social aspects of the game. Which, in your case, would be trash talking in spite of language barriers. The Puma Chalk launched on June 3rd at The Conran Shop NYC, where it’s also selling for $3,900.

[Aruliden via Coolhunting]