Puma Faas 300 Running Shoes Feature Retro Style, Performance Enhancements

In the market for a new pair of running shoes after your feelings were hurt by kids making fun of your Vibram foot shoe thingies?  You might take a liking to the Puma Faas 300, a pair of lightweight sneakers with enough style to be wearable even with your favorite selvedge jeans.

Designed to provide a more natural stride and improved speed, the kicks are built using Puma’s Bioride Technology, which features three biomechanical components that enhance running performance.  According to Puma, this involves the rocker shape (which promotes smooth touchdown and effortless toe-off), the flex grooves in key parts (to increase responsiveness) and a groove in the heel (to reinforce stability during impact).

The Puma Faas 300 sports a retro design, based on 70s-era steeplechase spikes with simple materials, lightweight construction and a semi-straight shape.  Air mesh covers the shoe uppers, allowing heat to escape, while rubber composites in the outsoles bring added comfort and durability during use.

Clad in colorful styles, it makes for attractive-looking footwear that plays nice, whether you’re dressed for a morning run or a casual evening stroll.  They’ve got it in seven different color combinations, too, some just a little more vintage-y than others.

You can now get the Puma Faas 300, priced at $85 a pair.