Puma Urban Mobility Backpack Features Built-In Hood

Your mom loves Geraldo.  So much so, in fact, that she just burned all the hoodies in your closet yesterday after she heard him talking ’bout hoodies being criminal clothes.  So how are you supposed to rob convenience stores and pawnshops now?  Maybe this Puma Urban Mobility Backpack will do.

Designed by Hussein Chalayan, it’s a backpack with a built-in hood. Sling it over your shoulder and you won’t need to wear no hoodies to add a little anonymity to your face the next time you do something you’d rather not be recognized for.

The Puma Urban Mobility Backpack features a large hood (with colorful inner lining) on top that you can wear over your head any time you feel like getting your hood on serves your best interest.  Like when it rains or when a squirt gun battle ensues or when you see the guy you owe money to walking down the street towards you.  We’d also suggest crossing to the other side of the street for the latter, but putting the hood on will help plenty.

The sack itself features a two-way zip front compartment, a padded laptop sleeve with hook and loop closure, and multiple interior pockets.  Exterior is dark charcoal waxed, with taped black zippers and metal hardware used throughout the bag.

Joining Puma’s upcoming summer/spring line, there’s no pricing announced yet for the Puma Urban Mobility Backpack.   Shouldn’t warrant all that much of a price hike compared to their other bags, though, unless they’re making this a limited edition.