Pumpkin Gutter Carving Tool Attaches To Your Power Drill

Carving pumpkins is hard work.  And just a little gross.  Turns out it doesn’t have to be with the Pumpkin Gutter.

A pumpkin carving attachment that you can use with any standard powered drill, all you have to do is stick it in place of the usual twisting bit.  With that, you just power the tool on and start hacking at that pumpkin, gutting and thinning it out at a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.  And the results are supposedly swell.

The Pumpkin Gutter features stainless steel blades on the tip that will rotate like a drunk Gremlin on turbo, chomping away at everything in sight.  Once done, you can dump all the gooey guts without having to touch them, although a few chunks will probably have been flying around the room the whole time, since the tool will be cutting through the meat and strings with unbridled violence.

According to the product page, the tool won’t damage the pumpkin seeds, so you can still collect them and roast them for your snacking pleasure (I heard they taste good with baked insects).  Oh yeah, you’ll need an electric or cordless drill, of course, so make sure you have access to one before getting this.

We guess you can think of the Pumpkin Gutter as the difference between killing a zombie with a stick that you repeatedly smash into his head or just firing a big ass gun right at the temple.  He’ll be dead both ways, but one’s a lot less hassle than the other.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at around $10.

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