This Tap Kit Turns Pumpkins Into Full-Fledged Drink Dispensers

Those fancy watermelon kegs sure made your summer parties a hit.  With summer long gone, however, you need to find a different pulpy keg to use as a novelty alcohol dispenser for the new season’s many celebrations.  And we think this Pumpkin Tap Kit can be the best tool for the job.

Made by Keg Works, it’s a kit that lets you turn any hollowed-out pumpkin into a functional keg dispenser.  Whether for dispensing fruity juices during family picnics, fancy alcoholic mixes for get-togethers with friends, or your own crappy batches of craft beer for Halloween parties, this set lets you put together a memorable keg that’s bound to shore up a whole lot of attention.

The Pumpkin Tap Kit contains an easy-to-assemble cylindrical shank and faucet combo, along with full instructions on how to make your own pumpkin keg from scratch.  Basically, all it entails is hollowing out a pumpkin and sticking the dispensing assembly near the bottom, then just filling it up with your party beverage of choice.   It features a 3-inch shank, chrome faucet knob, and brass lever handle, so everything looks fine and classy.  At least, until some drunk party guest decides to mess with the pumpkin (and, yes, some drunk party guest always does).

Now, if only you can find a way to install this faucet assembly inside a hollowed-out rock, you can make your own Stone Drink Dispensers, too.   It’s available now from Kegworks, priced at $29.99.

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