Purearts Starfield Vasco 1/6-Scale Articulated Figure Turns Your In-Game Robot Sidekick Into A Real-Life Robot Sidekick

As you probably already know, Starfield came out this year and it plays exactly the way you’d expect a Bethesda video game to play. You know… flawed, but with plenty of potential for modding into an even richer game experience. A large part of the game will see you exploring the surrounding planets with Vasco, your expeditionary robot companion that’s become an instant fan favorite among players. Now, you can celebrate the helpful and, occasionally, lethal robot companion with the Purearts Starfield Vasco 1/6-Scale Articulated Figure.

That’s right, they’re making an action figure of your main sidekick across the Settled Systems, so you can have the robot standing right by your side on the couch while you mash away on your Xbox controller. Sure, it can’t exactly do the same useful things that the in-game Vasco can do, but you have to admit, it’s pretty cool to have your in-game sidekick also serve as a real-life sidekick.

The Purearts Starfield Vasco 1/6-Scale Articulated Figure is a miniature replica of the early edition expeditionary automaton from Lunar Robotics, recreating all of the character’s physical characteristics in a 12-inch tall toy. It’s a pretty detailed recreation, too, so you can have a lot of fun with all the different parts that make up the space-faring robot, complete with the same red and white color scheme of your in-game ship. The figure gets 15 points of articulation, allowing you to pose its camera head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet to perform all sorts of actions to help you across your adventures in the Settled Systems, while a semi-weathered finish gives it the same aesthetic as the in-game robot, who has spent years (maybe decades) exploring with Malcolm Livingstone.

From what we can tell, the toy version of Vasco doesn’t get any weapons, so it’s strictly a utilitarian robot like it is for most of the game. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from retrofitting it with any of your own toy weapons, so you can turn this into a war-mongering Rambo version of the friendly automaton if you’re up to the task.

The Purearts Starfield Vasco 1/6-Scale Articulated Figure has a polyresin construction, so it won’t quite hold up to space travel the same way as the real thing, although it does weigh a decent two pounds, so it brings some substantial heft, ensuring it can hold its own against any other 1/6-scale toy in your collection. Well, everyone but The Hulk. Keep it away from The Hulk.

According to Purearts, they’re also offering a limited edition replica of the Artifact from the game, which is also made from polyresin and mounted on a wooden base. Do note, it’s only available to those who order the Exclusive Edition, which is limited to 150 people. Those who don’t make the cut can stick with the Standard Edition, which gets a more open-ended production run.

The Purearts Starfield Vasco 1/6-Scale Articulated Figure is available for preorder now, with deliveries slated for the third quarter of 2024. Price is $369.

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