Purifan Adds An Air Purifier To Your Ceiling Fan

Got a ceiling fan, want an air purifier?  Add one of the latter to the former with the Purifan, an air-cleaning apparatus designed to replace conventional ceiling fan blades and use the fan’s motor for operation.

Clad in a round enclosure, the machine can take the spot of 4- and 5-paddle blades, measuring 48- and 52-inches.  It works both as a fan and as an air purifier, getting you two equipment on a single device.  Even better, it will add no extra electrical load, so you’ll be paying the same utility bill while adding an effective contraption to clean the air.

The Purifan is a quiet air purifier that draws air to the center of the room and puts it through an advanced 5-stage filtration process.  It claims to clean and circulate over 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute.  When installed in a 20x20x8-foot room, for instance, it will refresh the air in the space every 90 seconds, ensuring you don’t have to sit through a nasty environment for long even while your roommates are experiencing frequent gas problems after your monthly burrito party.

Made using light ABS plastic, the enclosure (including everything inside) weighs a light 10 lbs and can be installed on your own in under an hour.  They’re also selling light kits that you can attach under the air purifier, in case the sight of a plastic cylinder hanging from your ceiling is enough to make your aesthetic sensibilities cringe.

Each Purifan retails for $399.95, with replacement filters available for $42.50 and $52.50 (depending on type).  In case you need a stronger motor (with higher RPM) than the ceiling fan comes with, you can order a set with one on board for an extra $70.