Push Button Tap Adapters: Because Buttons Make Everything Better

There’s a reason why faucets have handles instead of buttons: turning handles let you control how weak or strong the water flow is.  If you always turn it to the highest setting anyway, of course, then the point is moot.  Might as well just keep that handle perpetually turned and install one of these Push Button Tap Adapters instead.

Placed at the nozzle of your faucet, the adapter lets you activate the flow of water with just the push of a button.  No more turning that handle several times over to get all that water rushing through — just punch that raised nub once and you’re done.  Like a boss.

The Push Button Adapter comes in two variants: singles and doubles.  Both are made from metal with swivel brass hose couplings and install much the same way.  The single, of course, only has one nozzle, while the double splits the water flow into two, allowing you to connect a pair of hoses for getting more stuff done in the lawn or the pig pen or the room where you water-torture aliens you catch roaming the woods late in the night, kidnapping humans into their spaceships.   Or something like that.

If you like efficiency, we’re pretty sure punching a button is way higher in the lifehack scale than having to flip tiny levers or turning knob handles, so this totally fits into geeky, optimize-everything lifestyles, which people on the internet seem to be very into since forever (FYI: by internet standards, forever means a couple of years).  Plus, it works great if you have weak hands or joint pain.  Or have a hand like Captain Hook.  Which is awesome.

You can buy the Push Button Tap Adapter now, priced at $7.95 for singles and $11.95 for doubles.

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