Put A Subway Stop Sign On Your House

Want to make your house look like a subway stop?  Now you can with these Custom Subway Stop Signs.

Designed to resemble subway labels across New York, you can put them in front of your house to confuse tourists trying to find the nearest train station.  Put a camera in front of the house, record them trying to figure out their location on a map (or an NYC Metro Cuff), post it on Ustream and…. PROFIT.  Well, something like that.

The Subway Stop Custom Signs can be ordered in bespoke sizes, from as small as 10 x 4 inches to as large as 60 x 12 inches.   Instead of subway stations, you can have your name (or your superhero alias) printed, along with your address information (city, state and zip code).

For the frame, you get a choice of either wood or aluminum as the primary material.  Colors can be customized, too, so you can finally have that Barbie pink subway sign that you’ve always wanted. Now, if only you can request flower and heart graphics to go with it, your life will be complete.

Made by Jeff Mayer of 718 Made In Brooklyn, the Subway Stop Custom Signs is available now.  Pricing will vary, depending on size and customizations, though, so you’ll have to contact Jeff directly.

[718 via TheAwesomer]