Put Some Pixels Up Your Wall With ixxi’s Sheet Displays

Getting bored of the scrapwood wallpaper lining your bedroom’s four corners?  If you’re looking for something new to adorn your partition, you can try ixxi’s custom wall displays.

Recently launched by a trio of Dutch designers, the service lets you submit any image you want for throwing up a wall.  They’ll then blow it up to pixelated proportions (up to 8 x 8 feet) and print it in 20 x 20 cm tiles that you can then piece together over your boring beige wall.

While they do print in photographic quality (provided your uploaded image has the resolution for it), the more appealing option appears to be the pixelated variety, which decks your walls in colorful squares that resemble the source image when viewed at the right angle and distance.  Any digital picture can be dolled up in that way, although they do recommend a minimum of  150 dpi to ensure a somewhat recognizable result (maximum of 8,000 pixels wide).

The tile sheets are actual photographic prints made by Royal Broerse & Peereboom using photographic paper that’s moisture-resistant, tear-proof and antistatic.  Designed for temporary installation, they come with included “power strips,” which are adhesive bars that you stick onto the wall (you then line up the sheets on the strips).  Additionally, the sheets can also be hung up on standard curtain rails, just in case you’re in the mood to play around a bit.

Pricing for ixxi’s wall displays vary depending on size.  They can also accommodate special orders like differently-sized sheets (at an extra, of course).  You can check out the link below for more information.