Put The Force Over Your Head With New Era Japan’s Fitted Star Wars Caps


Wearing a mask of your favorite Star Wars character all the time isn’t socially acceptable. But you can’t help yourself – you *have* to look like Jabba The Hut every single minute. New Era Japan is offering a compromise that I think you should take with their 59Fifty series fitted Star Wars caps. You will take it, right?

Instead of wearing an actual mask that covers your entire face, you can lessen the social stigma by putting on one of these when you come to work instead. Sure, it only slips over the top-third of your entire head, but there’s still no mistaking who you’re trying to be. And I’m sure the force will stay with you the entire day, too.

The set includes almost every major character that doesn’t have a human face, including R2D2, Darth Vader, a sparkling gold C3PO, Darth Maul and a ridiculous-looking Chewie (complete with beastly hair). Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re selling out if you settle for these – believe me, you still won’t get laid with one of these things crowning you.

Never been a cap-wearer myself, mostly because I think wearing a sports team’s logo on your head is so two decades ago. This one, though – I’m thinking about it. It’s the right amount of farcical with just the fitting dose of silly, coupled with a few drops of cool. Geek cred, beeyatch.

New Era Japan started selling the 59Fifty fitted Star Wars caps last December 7th. Prices range from the equivalent of $68 to $80, with the big and hairy Chewie model being the sole one selling for slightly over $100. Check out the individual photos from the New Era store.

[New Era via Slash Film]