Putter Pool Looks Ridiculously Fun

You enjoy a round of golf with business acquaintances as much as you enjoy drunken pool with the buddies, but neither is really that fun to play with your kids.  We’re not sure how you’ll enjoy Putter Pool, but the chance of entertainment is always high when games are this ridiculous.

Basically, it’s a putting game played on a mat with a pool table layout, along with numbered golf balls instead of those blank dimpled thingies.  That way, you can play 8-ball while clocking in a few hours of putting practice from the comfort of your living room.

The Putter Pool set includes a green mat with six holes, a set of golf clubs, 16 golf balls (15 numbered balls and one cue ball), and side rails (so you can channel your inner Nick Varner and bank shots like a pro).  You can play it much like regular pool, putting on the cue ball to make combination shots, or use it for actual putting practice if you feel your game needs a little work.  If you have cue sticks at home, you might even be able to play actual pool (well, close to it anyway) on it — just keep in mind they’re crappy plastic balls so don’t expect shots to go the same way as on a real table.  The entire playing area measures 65 x 46 inches (l x w).

Want one?  The Putter Pool is available from Amazon, priced at $80.

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