These Puzzle Potatoes Let You Play Tetris With Tater Tots

We’re always on the lookout for more ways to play with our food.  Play is fun and food is delicious, after all, so playing with your food is like a grand collision of wonderful things on earth.  For that reason, these Puzzle Potatoes will now become part of our regular shopping schedule.

Made by Monarch, the sliced potato pieces are shaped like classic tetromino bricks that you can put together to form a straight line with no gaps.  We’re not sure how you’re supposed to eat the completed lines without messing up the tower, so we’ll let you figure that out on your own.  We’ll probably just eat the entire thing and start over.

The Puzzle Potatoes are available in both 2D and 3D versions, with the 3D able to be stood on your plate for commissioning into a potato tower.  Yeah, this will be fun.  It can be baked or fried, with baking recommended for 30 percent less fat, although we do recommend frying because playing with your food is about being delicious and fun.  Maybe you can use an Actifry or something. Monarch says their Puzzle Potatoes contain 30 percent less sodium than other shaped and formed potato products in the market.  No straight line is included in the set, although you can always just bite off the protrusion from one of the T-shape potatoes to get your straight line Tetris piece.

No pricing is listed, but whatever it is, we’re probably buying.

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