Pyro Burn Cage Lets You Set Up A Safe And Clean Fire Pit Anywhere

Yes, you can throw stuff in the trash and let the garbage truck take it out. When you live in the middle of nowhere, though, it’s not always an available option. Sometimes, you just have to burn stuff, whether it be yard debris, rotting cardboard boxes, or your ex-girlfriend’s clothes that she still hasn’t taken from your house. The Pyro Burn Cage offers a safe place to set all of it on fire.

Billed as a “superior alternative” to clearings, steel barrels, and traditional fire pits, this walled-off incinerator offers both a secure place to maximize burning and safely contain a fire. That way, you won’t have flaming debris flying all over the place, without taking forever to burn down all your girlfriend’s old stuff into ashes.

The Pyro Burn Cage consists of vertical steel panels with interlocking sides that you simply snap together into a closed structure and set up on any surface.  To use, simply dump all your fuel inside the confines of those walls and set the whole thing aflame. The walls are high enough to contain the fire within its perimeter, so you don’t accidentally send the whole property burning down, while strategically-angled slots allow consistent airflow to create bigger flames and a more thorough burn. Those slots, by the way, also provide extra rigidity, allowing the panels to retain their form even through years of use.

According to the outfit, it’s made from 14-gauge steel that’s two times thicker than materials used in traditional steel barrels, so this thing will stand up to heavy use, with minimal warping even in extreme heat. By default, the outfit is offering just the side wall panels, although you can also order a base and a lid, with the latter also having cutout slots for airflow, if you prefer extra components for your burn cage.

The Pyro Burn Cage comes in four sizes of four-walled models (camp fire, 16 inches, 32 inches, 48 inches) and a six-sided XXL model. The camp fire, 16-inch tall, and 32-inch tall variants are all designed for use as fire pits, with only the smallest likely being suited for camping (it’s easy to pack) and the latter sized for gathering around in the backyard. We guess, you can also take the 16-incher along to tailgates and beach parties. The 48-inch tall cage offers 50 percent more volume than a standard 55-gallon drum, while the XXL model offers up to 30 cubic feet of room for everything you want to set on fire.

When not in use, the panels can be broken apart and stored flat, making it easy to find space to stash anywhere in your property. They’re heavy, though, with the 16-inch panels weighing 7 pounds each and the large panels (48-inch and XXL) weighing 20 pounds apiece. Yeah, this is not something you’ll want to lug around from one place to another. All panels have integrated handles for more conveniently carrying by hand.

The Pyro Burn Cage is available now, with prices starting at $79.

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