These Cute Pet-Shaped Candles Melt Into Creepy Skeletal Remains


Candles shaped as pets? Very cute. Watching candles shaped as pets melt into a blob? A little horrifying. Watching candles shaped as pets melt into a blob, leaving a skeleton behind? Still horrifying, but kind of funny at the same time. That’s why we’re loving these awesome Pyropet Candles.

Sure, it’s no dinosaur egg hatching a baby raptor, but we bet watching an animal candle melt into a bony skeleton can be all sorts of fun. And while those with a slightly morbid sense of humor might find it more to their liking, it does offer a great way to add creepy ambiance every time you turn off the lights and sit through a horror movie on Netflix.


Pyropet Candles come in four animal shapes: a cat, a deer, a bunny, and a bird. Each one comes in varying sizes and burn times (between six hours to 22 hours), so you can light one up to last exactly as long as you need, while enjoying the sight of skeletal remains after the candle burns all the way through the wick. Each candle is molded from paraffin wax, with the wicks made from cotton, while the skeleton buried inside is cut in thin strips of aluminum. And, yes, the skeletal remains with the molten wax at the base totally look pretty awesome as decorative trinkets, so the candles can still find use long after they’ve outlived their original purpose.

Pricing for the Pyropet Candles range from $18 to $35.

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