Python Plunger Combines A Plunger And A Plumbing Snake In One


It looks like any ordinary plunger. You know, the kind you’ll use to clear clogged pipes by generating heavy water pressure. And, yes, you can use it that way. Except, the Python Plunger comes with a retractable snake that you can push out of the plunger to crush whatever is blocking the pipes.

That’s right, this plumbing tool combines a plunger and a toilet snake in one, making it doubly effective at solving clogged plumbing issues around the house. Whether it’s a toilet whose water won’t do gown or a sink with heavy clogging on the pipes, this thing will let you unclog it with just a little elbow grease.


The Python Plunger consists of an erstwhile standard plunger with a long handle and a rubber cup on the business end that you can use to force pressure on the pipes by pushing against the opening in a vigorous manner.  The opposite end sports an ergonomic grip shaped to fit perfectly flush around your fingers, while soft molded silicone ensures it’s perfectly comfortable when held in hand. As with all plungers, it’s freestanding, so you can just set the rubber head down on any surface when it’s not in use.

In case pushing air into the pipes isn’t enough, however, you don’t have to simply toss it to the side like a regular plunger. That’s because there’s a slider on the side that allows you to push out a flexible rod stashed away inside the handle. It’s equipped with a sharp rotating head that should pierce through any clog in the toilet or the pipes with a few back-and-forth thrusts, clearing the way for water to flow through without any obstructions. Whatever it is clogging up your toilet or your sink, this two-in-one combo should allow you to clear most of them without requiring too much work.


The Python Plunger’s flexible rod measures 18 inches long, so it can reach reasonably deep into toilets and pipes, all while stashing neatly inside the handle when you pull the slider back. Even better, the rubber cup is designed to squeegee off the rod while it retracts, automatically cleaning off any material still stuck to it. The rod, by the way, is cut in self-lubricating plastic to ensure all materials easily slide off while being naturally anti-bacterial. Suffice to say, this is a much more hygienic way of unclogging a toilet than using a separate plunger and plumbing snake.


The rotating head on the plumbing snake is removable, by the way, and can be replaced with a drain cleaning head for those times you want to use the plunger to clear out a clogged shower drain or sink. Granted, the 18-inch reach probably won’t be enough to solve every clogging problem, but it does give you a very accessible option before having to call a professional for help (or running to the hardware store to get pro-grade tools).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Python Plunger. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $29.

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