Whet Your Appetite For Autonomous Vehicles With Takara Tomy’s Self-Driving Toy Micro-Cars

If self-driving cars will be our future, then it’d make sense they’d be the future of our toy cars, too.   And they’re here now, with toys like this Choro-Q Q-Eyes, a micro-sized car which can detect obstacles and change routes to avoid them.

Made by Takara Tomy, the toy vehicle uses sensors under the left and right headlights to identify obstacles, which it then avoids by steering towards the direction away from it.  If an obstacle is directly in front, it will either back off to drive around it or wait in place until the obstacle is removed (reaction will depend on the toy car’s operation mode).

The Choro-Q Q-Eyes measures 32 x 28 x 53 mm (w x h x d) and weighs 16 g, so this car will be perfect for letting loose on your desk.  You can use pencils, staplers, and all the office supplies holed up in your desk organizer to build a functional track, where you can send the toy driving in circles while you type away on the computer at work.  It powers using a pair of AA alkaline dry cells, which can recharge in just 10 seconds and keep it powered for a full minute’s drive.

Four car models are currently out: a Nissan Leaf; a Daihatsu Copen Future; a Subaru WRX STI; and a Nissan GT-R.  Another pair will join the small fleet this coming November, namely a new-generation Volkswagen Beetle and a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Currently available in Japan, the Tomy Choro-Q Q-Eyes retails for ¥3,500 (around US$30).

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