Q Timex Falcon Eye: This Might Be The Nicest Timex We’ve Seen In years

Earlier this year, Timex went to the archives and reissued the Q Timex, one of their gorgeous dive watches from the 1970s. It sold out in a flash. So they made another reissue. And it sold out again. And the cycle repeated itself once more. While they are restocking that model again for the holiday season, they also decided to dig up another big hit from the archives in the form of the Q Timex Falcon Eye.

No, it’s not another dive watch. Instead, this is a dressier timepiece originally released in 1978, giving you a classy-looking watch that works just as well as for everyday wear as it does when paired with more refined outfits. Suffice to say, if you’re looking for an affordable dress watch around this time, you will be wise to direct your glance towards its direction.

The Q Timex Falcon Eye is a straight-up recreation of the 70s design, bringing the same classy and refined aesthetic to a whole new generation of watch enthusiasts. It sports a round electric blue dial in a striated pattern, with gold and white elements giving it an absolutely striking appearance, elevating the erstwhile familiar layout (three hands, full markers, day, and date) to a whole other level. To put it simply, that is one gorgeous dial. They top that dial with an acrylic lens, then mounted it on an extended, squared-off case measuring 38mm, making it a good size for a dress watch you can rock on your wrist every day of the week.

The case, along with the woven stainless steel bracelet, is finished in an alternating mix of brushed and polished surfaces, creating a two-tone aesthetic that should appeal to those with a keen eye for detail. Despite the clear focus on style, the case is water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can keep it on even in the midst of inclement weather.

The Q Timex Falcon Eye is priced at $179.

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